The recyled egg carton hanging book

I recently worked with a three year old to transform an old carton into an easy hanging treasure.  I imagine that it could  become a mini art journal, a way for parents or siblings to leave kind messages    to each other, a Christmas present,  or a storybook.  I did the simple task of sewing but the cover design was created by Callia Baird. These little books can perch upright or hang anywhere important. The possibilities are endless for how one might embellish these or how one might use them.

To make this project you will need about 30 minutes:

  • Supplies you will need:
  • Egg carton – any- whatever carton you choose will have its attributes.
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • embellishments of your desire- gel medium, acrylic paint, and collage images were used here
  • Thread or waxed linen and needle
  • paper folded and cut to size
  • small piece of velcro with adhesive back- or a sew on snap
  • Ruler if you need a perfect edge
  • ribbon, yarn, or string

Step 1: Cut the flat end (top) of the carton to size and fold backwards to create the hanger top.

Step 2:Use your hole punch or poke the scissors through the hanger.

Step 3: Cut your paper to your preferred size (this should be double the length because you are folding over) and stack the pieces so they can be folded together. The fold will be your spine that will be sewn to the top of the book cover you already made.

step 4: Sew your book cover on the folded paper. I started from inside the fold so the knot is hidden inside the book. I used golden thread and a cross stitch for a decorative stitch. you will just need several stitches on each side of the hanger you created.

Step5: If you want the book to close create a fastener with a spare piece of the egg carton cut to the size you would like to sew to the bottom of the book with a few simple stitches. Attach the velcro to the fastener and the back of the book.

Step6:Decorate the cover to your heart’s desire.

Step 7: Attach a ribbon, yarn, or string the size you want for hanging and revel in your masterpiece.



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