Art inspired by music

So Long Have a listen to this beautiful song “So Long” By Visqueen

This linoleum print was a spontaneous image drawn with my non-dominant hand as a tribute, and gift, to a loved one. I was driving to work one day and heard a story about the band Visqueen. I am always moved and inspired by art made in response to life experiences. The song, “So Long,” in my opinion, is infused with the singer’s (Rachel Flotard) connection to her father and her process of coming to terms with the impact their relationship has had on her while saying goodbye due to illness. I relate to much in this moving song. Most people have been touched by cancer. Cancer continues to impact my life in a very direct way. The recipient of this gift thankfully continues to survive cancer. I admire his resiliency throughout his life. His family story is one of real struggle that is rooted in the immense work involved in running the family farm. Sacrifice and hardship throughout his life continue to make him who he is and I continue to feel and see those shadows play out around me in my life. The living breathing farm, ever precious to me, feels to be on the verge of extinction, much like the fragile human body when faced with cancer. Thank you Visqueen for your beautiful song, allowing it to be shared, and the inspiration to generate to this visual message to others.

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