Every time I have given my art to others I have received so much in return. I am not speaking specifically about material objects.  The most precious gifts that I have received from this process have been  connecting to others and learning about myself.   This piece is collaborative art  made by the team of therapists whom I work with.  This work of art was created specifically for a special donor, Mr. Larry Reuben, whose legacy in Indianapolis is founded on giving and whose generous gift to The Julian Center has enabled an old space to be torn down and then renovated to provide the beautiful space in which I work.

The process of creating this piece started with building a foundation with paint, gel medium, collage, found materials, and paper. There is a deep metaphor here that I relate to when working with clients.  Working in alliance to help establish the building of a foundation of safety, both in and outside of therapy, is a critical ingredient to my work. My colleague’s idea of initiating a client survey to find out what clients love and appreciate about our new office space was a brilliant way of enabling the art work to speak both from our clients and our staff.  Their handwritten words on teal paper line the path of this artistic journey, much like the client’s consistent attendance to their inner experience creates a pathway to healing.

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