Pigs are going to fly

Jolynn spent the afternoon writing her letters. Pouring her heart out to a few special people was the best medicine for the conflict rattling inside her. She desperately wanted change and could burst with excitement of what this heart’s desire would bring in her life. But this time she felt stuck. Feeling the grip of  hesitation she envisioned  her dreams flying restless above her out of reach and dissipating into the clouds. She walked to the mailbox slowly that sunny crisp day. Something made her look to the sky behind her and she caught a glimpse of what could only mean her dream was ready to be lived. If pigs truly do fly she knew anything was possible.

This painting is about exploring the difference in setting a goal and daily making small changes until the goal is achieved vs. taking a large leap and leaving outcome to chance. The latter can easily lead to feeling hopeless, giving up on the goal and then looking for places to compensate for the lack of having what you wanted in the first place. I wish I could say I wasn’t familiar with the latter but I am.  I suspect I am not alone here with this experience. The painting reminds me that pigs do fly in my world. While I associate pigs with many things, I can’t ignore the good luck pig a close friend once gave me. If pigs are a sign of good luck then is it luck or hardwork that will take me through to my next goal; or is it  both?  I have taken large leaps to make changes in my life and very successfully landed on both feet.  I have baby- stepped through countless days to make a goal and crossed the finish line this way too.  While I have had luck on my side with these giant leaps, I now look deeper to examine if there is a hidden cost to making changes this way.

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