Foxmother and Her Loving Kindness


She is gentle and kind. She brings offerings of nature’s joy in the form of flowers. The flowers are medicine that heal. She listens and guides unconditionally. She is Foxmother. I painted her years ago and I still smile when I see her hanging in my art space. I cherish art for so many reasons- it stirs something inside us and can communicate so effortlessly to an inner place that often words alone can’t reach. She mirrors loving kindness which is such an important practice as we make our way in the world. Art can be an excellent tool to cultivate love and kindness to our selves and beyond. Working with survivors of trauma, I see this being a huge issue for the women and children I work with.  Due to the trauma they have endured their connections with self are often severed or damaged. The capacity to heal is incredible and art offers us a way inside ourselves while at the same time providing sensory relief and connection to others  It can be an excellent practice for anyone. If we don’t practice love and kindness toward ourselves, what energies do we cast out to those around us? How will we cope with the injustice and suffering we experience in our world?

There are so many art prompts that would help someone get started in this practice.  Here are three art prompts to get you started. Be sure to check back as I will be posting a link to join my mailing list with a free pdf  for joining that expands on this list.  This will also be a great way to stay informed on the upcoming art and therapy offerings that I will be sharing both locally and on-line.

1. Use the devotion of time and space. Set aside some uninterrupted time and allow yourself to use the materials that really feel right to you for expressing loving kindness today. Use your breath to create space for this concept to grow within you. Before you begin spend some time consciously breathing in love and kindness and consciously exhale negative energy.  Create an image.

2. Take an old pink eraser and draw an image that reminds you of love and kindness. Carve it into a homemade stamp and use it daily.

3, Draw a portrait or image of who your loving and kind animal mother would be.

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