Underneath It All

Underneath It All

Underneath It All

A devotion to women survivors of trauma whom I work with as an art therapist.
This painting contains a story of peace and a story of trust.  Underneath it All is a devotion to the brave and amazing women that I have the pleasure to work with as they embark on the journey of finding themselves after surviving horrendous trauma in their lives. This painting is a celebration of their ability to go underwater with me to explore the unknown aspects of self that have hidden, that have been terrorized, and that have been contained and tortured by the effects of what they have been through. The layers in this painting pay tribute to the complicated process and profound risks it takes for them to trust themselves, to trust in their therapy process, to trust in life and their ability to rebuild their spirit. My clients amaze me daily with their courage and their ability to re-establish the trust it takes to allow someone to swim alongside them in the waters underneath what they have been through. Underneath it All speaks about discovering a sense of peace along the way and the profound changes that take place when the waters begin to clear and one is guided by the sight of inner wisdom and intuition to a place of peace, acceptance, and self-love.

This painting is currently part of a group show at The Indiana Interchurch Center Through April 25, 2014.

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