Foxmother and Her Loving Kindness


She is gentle and kind. She brings offerings of nature’s joy in the form of flowers. The flowers are medicine that heal. She listens and guides unconditionally. She is Foxmother. I painted her years ago and I still smile when I see her hanging in my art space. I cherish art for so many reasons- it stirs something inside us and can communicate so effortlessly to an inner place that often words alone can’t reach. She mirrors loving kindness which is such an important practice as we make our way in the world. Art can be an excellent tool to cultivate love and kindness to our selves and beyond. Working with survivors of trauma, I see this being a huge issue for the women and children I work with.  Due to the trauma they have endured their connections with self are often severed or damaged. The capacity to heal is incredible and art offers us a way inside ourselves while at the same time providing sensory relief and connection to others  It can be an excellent practice for anyone. If we don’t practice love and kindness toward ourselves, what energies do we cast out to those around us? How will we cope with the injustice and suffering we experience in our world?

There are so many art prompts that would help someone get started in this practice.  Here are three art prompts to get you started. Be sure to check back as I will be posting a link to join my mailing list with a free pdf  for joining that expands on this list.  This will also be a great way to stay informed on the upcoming art and therapy offerings that I will be sharing both locally and on-line.

1. Use the devotion of time and space. Set aside some uninterrupted time and allow yourself to use the materials that really feel right to you for expressing loving kindness today. Use your breath to create space for this concept to grow within you. Before you begin spend some time consciously breathing in love and kindness and consciously exhale negative energy.  Create an image.

2. Take an old pink eraser and draw an image that reminds you of love and kindness. Carve it into a homemade stamp and use it daily.

3, Draw a portrait or image of who your loving and kind animal mother would be.

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Here are just some of the post cards that I mailed out this past year. I have had the great pleasure to participate in one of my friend’s art groups called The Post Card Club. I have received some beautiful and inspiring art. I have pushed myself to use varied techniques and media from beet juice as watercolor and egg carton prints to fabric and recycled napkins.

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Creative Renewal


Thank you 2013! What an amazing year! My creative renewal grant has opened so many opportunities for me. I am so excited to share what I have learned and extend the passion that I have cultivated for art, self-care, and personal growth.  There are some exciting things in the works. I am launching an on-line course! Stay tuned for juicy details….

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Thank you for the wonderful commission orders!


I can’t believe It has been a year since I created these hand-made papier mache treasure boxes for a young boy and girl who love their favorite animals.  Each one of these animals start by being sculpted out of simple newspaper and tape. Their backs open up like treasure chests to reveal a secret space inside. It is a fun process for me to watch the sculptures take shape. I find that each one emerges with a personality and a story as they are completed. This past year I have had the pleasure of making a multitude of creations for people including clay sculptures, one of a kind animal treasure boxes, and recycled love letters.  I am so grateful to do what I love and to share it with others through my art business, art therapy, and teaching. Thank you for supporting my art!

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Creative Renewal Paintings at Source Yoga

Creative Renewal Paintings at Source Yoga

Protection Mantra
Acrylic on Canvas
Themes of protection continue to flourish in my year-long creative renewal paintings! This painting along with an assortment of very affordable mini paintings are on display and for sale at Source Yoga in Fishers, IN.

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Worgie, The Wolf Grandmother

Thank you to Karen who purchased my mixed media owl painting from Source Yoga!

Worgie, The Wolf Grandmother is headed to Source Yoga tomorrow to take the owl’s place. She is wearing her favorite iceberg-horse sweater and she looks East to pay homage to the rising sun.

Worgie The Wolf Grandmother

Worgie, The Wolf Grandmother

16 1/2 x 20 1/2- framed

Mixed Media Painting


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Upcoming Charity Event! Drawings for Dollars at Thorpe Creek Elementary

Candy Bar Bingo Silent Auction

March 1, 2013
$5.00 donation per drawing- All proceeds support Thorpe Creek Elementary!
I will be on-site during the event offering blind contour drawings to the public at the Candy Bar Bingo Silent Auction!  Blind contour drawings are quick renderings that are fun, silly, and unpredictable. Challenge me and thrill your family with a unique one of a kind rendering of yourself and those you love. The drawings are done “blind” meaning I will only look at the subject while I am drawing and I won’t lift my pen off the paper.

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The first Art Love Workshop was a tremendous success!

The Art Love Workshop for Girl Scouts was a success! Vibrant and beautiful watercolor postcards were created and the creativity and talent of our local community blossomed. Thank you to the Girl Scouts and their parents who supported this event. Thank you to Fishers Town Hall and the Fishers Art Council for supporting my charity events! These beautiful images speak for themselves. Some of the agencies and/or people who were mentioned in our discussion of where these Art Love postcards will be sent included Riley Children’s Hospital, a dad who serves in the Army, and our beloved teachers. I look forward to more opportunities to share art and support our local art community.  Congratulations to Taylor for winning the give away of the day–a hand-molded and hand-painted Heart Giving Box!

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Congratulations Kathy L.!

Kathy won this 6×6 commission during my opening last Friday for Expression and Exploration at Fishers Town Hall. I will be giving away more art during my upcoming charity event for Girl Scouts and during my walk/talk through the gallery on Feb. 9th!

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Upcoming Charity Events

Art Love: Spontaneous Watercolor Postcards to Those Who Give

Saturday, February 9, 2013

1:00-3:00pm at Fishers Town Hall

One Municipal Drive, Fishers, IN

Participants will learn two ways to make spontaneous watercolor postcards. Participants will choose a local agency/person whose work supports our community and send art cards to them as a token of appreciation and gratitude for their devotion to human services.

Pre-Registration required: Please email; subject line: Art Love with registration requests/questions.  Participant’s registrations are secured with payment of the material fee.  Material fee: $5.00 per participant

This workshop is limited to 10 Girl Scouts ages 7 and up and 4 adult volunteer participants. Participants must be pre-registered by February 1, 2013.

I will be available at 3:30pm Sat. February 9th, 2013 to walk through the Town Hall Gallery. I will speak to my artistic process and answer questions about my paintings featured in Expression and Exploration.


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