My paintings now showing at Fishers City Hall June 1- July 10, 2015


Super Beauty: All that Spills out When My Heart Breaks

30 x 40

Acrylic on Canvas

Opening Reception June 12, 2015 6-9pm

Please join me in Fishers, Indiana at Fishers City Hall. I am part of a group show and I will be showing my newest paintings that are a part of an ongoing creative renewal series. Each of these paintings has layers and layers of meaning and symbols connected to my clinical relationships and to my personal life. This series of paintings grant me a way to care in the deepest ways possible about the trauma and the healing processes that I am witness to in my work as an art therapist.

I do not pre-plan my paintings but instead I let them guide me, I remain open to where they tell me we are going. When I work with acrylics on canvas, it opens me up to examining my clinical work in a way that supports and informs me. Each painting tells a story about the relationship to self and what happens when one puts effort into examining the psyche and reconnecting the heart, body, and the mind after trauma.

I feel it is important to share this work because it establishes a ground breaking connection to my clinical work and to my exploration of self and the energies that motivate me. When you look at these paintings my hope is that you will connect with the compassion that they were created with and that they ignite something within you.

These original paintings are part of a collection that is not for sale at this time. If you fall in love with any of the images simply contact me as prints of the paintings are always available.

This painting is the cover art for Art Therapy, Trauma, and Neuroscience: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives by Juliet King (editor). Inside you will fine a brief explanation of the clinical work it is both based on and inspired by.


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Showing Hope – An Inspired Gallery Event For The Domestic Violence Network


The mandala has so many healing applications within art therapy. This Mandala Weaving is just one piece I will be putting in the Showing Hope show to honor the survivors of domestic violence that I work with as an art therapist.  The show opening is on March 6, 2015. See the link below for further information.

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Hold on there is art here

Super Justice-1

What a perfect opportunity to share some of what I hold most dear in my life. Art and Art Therapy- In the next few months, I am celebrating art therapy with my community and this painting will be featured along with two other pieces at the “Art and Healing” community show at The Nickel Plate Arts Gallery in Noblesville, Indiana. I will be attending the opening and I will be facilitating a free and simple art activity from 6:30-8pm.

I will also be sharing art as part of the community art show entitled ” Showing Hope” hosted by the Indiana Domestic Violence Network. The exhibition will be held at the Art Space at the Athenaeum.  The opening will also be on March 6th. The proceeds of this important show will go towards supporting services for survivors of Domestic Violence.

Join me this June as I will be sharing my large acrylic paintings with themes of animals at a group show at Fishers City Hall. More to come on that!



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Whoheckleo- Ancient Mountain Bird

 Whoheckleo- Ancient Birdman

Photography, at its simplest, is a means of seeing, it is the interplay of infinite space and intricate detail; it is the removal of distance between the thing being seen and the seer. This photograph is the landscape come alive, it is Nature opening its eyes and looking back at me and in becoming a witness I realize I am a part of it all. I enjoy how photography allows me to draw with light and to use reflection not as a technique but as an emotion.

Thank you to those who have had a hand in inspiring my recent love affair with my new camera and what I feel was the perfect introduction to photography.

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As an art therapist I work with many people who are at a crossroads in their lives, people defined not by their trauma but by how they learn to overcome it, people who untangle light and shadow (much like a photographer) to create both memory and understanding. This photo was inspired by my work as an art therapist. The crossed hands reflect a Butterfly Hug, a form of bilateral stimulation used to relax, release feelings, and to calm and to self-soothe. Whereas the eyes are drawn and focused on the search for balance in this photograph, as is so often the case in life, a quick glance over the shoulder reveals that light and shape and color are not always ready to reveal all of their secrets. There is work to be done. Butterfly hug-1 Aperture Stop: A Photographic Exhibition. Thank you to The Nickel Plate Arts Gallery in Noblesville, IN!  This wonderful exhibition is running July 4th- August 30th. I am fortunate to be one of the artists showing three photographs. The show opens July 4, 2014 6-8pm.  

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Underneath It All

Underneath It All

Underneath It All

A devotion to women survivors of trauma whom I work with as an art therapist.
This painting contains a story of peace and a story of trust.  Underneath it All is a devotion to the brave and amazing women that I have the pleasure to work with as they embark on the journey of finding themselves after surviving horrendous trauma in their lives. This painting is a celebration of their ability to go underwater with me to explore the unknown aspects of self that have hidden, that have been terrorized, and that have been contained and tortured by the effects of what they have been through. The layers in this painting pay tribute to the complicated process and profound risks it takes for them to trust themselves, to trust in their therapy process, to trust in life and their ability to rebuild their spirit. My clients amaze me daily with their courage and their ability to re-establish the trust it takes to allow someone to swim alongside them in the waters underneath what they have been through. Underneath it All speaks about discovering a sense of peace along the way and the profound changes that take place when the waters begin to clear and one is guided by the sight of inner wisdom and intuition to a place of peace, acceptance, and self-love.

This painting is currently part of a group show at The Indiana Interchurch Center Through April 25, 2014.

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Upcoming Art Shows

recycled loveletter

Thank you to Orchard Park Presbyterian Art Gallery for Hosting my art show last month!

This month I am celebrating an honorable mention for my mixed media collage entitled “Recycled Love Letter” at The Birdie Gallery .

I am showing two pieces there through November as part of the local art contest entitled “Community Creates “.   I am excited to have been invited to participate in an upcoming show at Conner Prairie. January – May 2014 and again in January, I will be in excellent company at an art show for art therapists of Indiana at Marion College. More details on that to come.

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To Bali and Beyond: Art Inspired by Creative Renewal Showing at Source Yoga


October through December I am showing a selection of art inspired by the amazing travel opportunities that I was awarded through my 2012 United Way Creative Renewal Grant!

Source Yoga

8609 E. 116th Street

Fishers, IN 46038

(317) 915-9642


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A Celebration of the Art that Lives Inside of Me. Now Showing Art at Orchard Park Art Gallery!


The Guardians



You are invited to my local exhibit!  For the months of September and October,  I have the privilege of sharing a selection of recent acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, mixed media collages, and ink paintings at Orchard Park Art Gallery.

September- October 2013

Orchard Park Presbyterian Church Art Gallery

1605 East 106th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46280

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You are not forgotten


Recently, while teaching, I was compelled to write the words, “You are loved,” on a chalkboard outside my classroom.  I wrote those words just seconds before I entered the classroom when taking a moment to consider my journey over this past year.  I took many grand leaps to step out of my comfort zone in both my personal and professional life, bravely vaulting forward into the unknown. When fear shadowed my path, I remembered that indeed I was loved and with that little else mattered.  Fear, then, did not stand a chance of disrupting my path and amazing things happened. I remember thinking that each of my students also took giant leaps of bravery as they started their art therapy internships, a sort of shared journey into unknown and oftentimes uncomfortable waters.  When leaving for the day I noticed that the words, “You are beautiful,” had appeared underneath what I had written.  What a treat it was to see those statements together–A true testament to my belief that small, positive things can, and will, grow in meaningful ways.
With this in mind I started this painting and incorporated those words in the initial layer.    As this painting evolved it also turned into a piece about loss.  I learned that The Sarah I. and Albert G. Reuben Counseling Center, where I have been employed for the past 6+ years, was closing down.  This decision feels like a devastating loss to our community.  I am incredibly proud of the work that I did at The Counseling Center. I have put my heart and soul into beautiful work with countless survivors of unimaginable trauma.   As The Counseling Center prepares to close, I remember that my clients’ work to heal continues to grow with them.  Like this simple sentence that I wrote on the chalkboard that grew when shared with others, they too can find the next sentence in their healing story. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work at The Counseling Center.  I am grateful to have been supported in the past to grow and develop my craft with extremely talented and hard-working colleagues.  The Sarah I. and Albert G. Reuben Counseling Center, all that you have been to so many: You will not be forgotten.
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